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Our Story

Cody is a high school freshman lacrosse player who recently moved from attack to goalie.

He began taking private lessons to instill proper goalie form, but after his first lesson, realized that he needed as many repetitions as possible, especially on bouncers. An hour a week of coaching would not get the job done.

Virtual Goalie began with one simple question: “Cody, can you build a virtual lacrosse field for your Oculus?”

The answer was yes, and we built a complete training system.

After refining, we decided that every goalie could benefit from taking hundreds of extra shots, from active coaching feedback, and real data that documents their strengths and weaknesses.


Our Team

Cody Nelson

Cody Nelson

Cody is a freshman at St. Pius X High School in Atlanta. He’s been playing lacrosse since 2007 as a midfielder and attackman, and started as goalie this year on the Junior Varsity team. He’s a member of an award-winning robotics team, and won first place for Digital Game Design at the 2017 Georgia Educational Technology Fair.

Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson

Doug has been a high school lacrosse coach for 17 years. As both an offensive and defensive coordinator, he’s coached teams to five semi-finals and two state championship games. He’s worked as a coordinator under two of the most consistent and dynamic head coaches in Georgia. Doug was a defensive captain for Georgia Tech and went on to serve as head coach of the Georgia Tech men’s lacrosse club, where they appeared in the SELC semi-finals. He currently is an Offensive Coordinator at a private Georgia high school.


Suzanne Kosmerl

Suzanne is a digital marketing expert with more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and advertising. She specializes in social media and online marketing, and believes in the power of social media. Not only its ability to connect people, but to solve problems, share ideas, and make the world a better place. A life-long hockey fan, she is a proud mom to a lacrosse midfielder and soccer defender.